Arboretum Summer Adventure Camps


It’s the first summer that the Dallas Arboretum’s Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden is open for business and we’ve got a summer camp lineup that is fitting for such a debut.

We know your kiddos are chomping at the bit for school to be out, and ready to have some fun, so the Arboretum has designed camps for children of all ages and interests. These one-week (remove this or rephrase. Not all one week) mini adventures cover subjects such as gardening, culinary creations and science experiments, and promise days full of discovery.

For toddlers 18–36 months and one parent:

Baby Bugs Class: Play and learn in nature with your toddler! Paint with mud, hold a ladybug, create a cloud, plant a flower and more. Each class begins with song and story time, a craft and nature objects to explore. The fun continues with walks and hands-on activities and games.

For 3-year-olds:

Little Critters: Explore the world of squirrels, birds and spiders in this three-day camp designed especially for your youngest campers. Preschoolers will have fun exploring where each animal lives, discovering what it eats and studying its lifecycle.

For pre-K and kindergarteners ages 4–6 and one parent:

Explore Together, Sassy Salsa: Fun, games and laughter are the main ingredients for this lively session. Together you and your child will discover the secrets of the honeybee, plant a salsa garden, prepare salsa and celebrate with a fiesta!

Explore Together, Birds of a Feather: Explore the world of birds with your child. Where do birds live? What do they eat? Visit the Bird House Exhibit and experience the thrill of bird watching.

For brave pre-K and kindergarteners ages 4–6:

Creature Feature: Snakes, bunnies, turtles, bats, and lizards make up this year’s exciting Creature Feature lineup. Daily creature investigations come alive with movement and music activities, rhymes and riddles, exciting outdoor and indoor play and one-of-a-kind animal art projects.

Back to the Future: Young scientists investigate the fascinating world of magnets, dinosaurs, volcanoes, rocks and outer space.

Garden Party: Each day is a celebration of summer and science! Daily theme parties include “Let’s Chill!” Party, where campers will investigate properties of frozen water painting with ice; and Party All Night Long, a study of nocturnal animals, providing an excellent opportunity for campers to play in and learn about light and dark. Through art activities such as mask making and collage and games, including Special Senses, campers discover why so many animals love the nighttime!

For the Birds! Are they crazy about bugs, birds and flying critters? This is the camp for your little ones! They’ll explore the Bird House Exhibit and discover fascinating facts about our feathered friends.

For 1st–4th graders and one parent:

Explore Together, Birds of a Feather: Explore the world of birds with your child. Where do birds live? What do they eat? Visit the Bird House Exhibit and experience the joy of bird watching.

Explore Together, Nature Journaling: Side by side with your child, play with color and texture to create a personal “art diary.” Songs, games and lots of fun make this a one-of-a-kind experience with your child.

For 1st–4th graders who love to be outdoors in the Children’s Garden:

Patterns, Plants and Pickles (available for 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th): If your kiddo is into science and nature, this is the camp for them! They’ll explore the fascinating worlds of plants, animals and patterns in nature; create their own original art, inspired by nature’s colors and patterns; make their own kaleidoscope; create a bouquet of color-changing flowers; and design a vibrant tie-dyed creation. They will also investigate camouflage patterns in nature and go on an adventure to discover the plants that make the foods we eat every day.

Shake, Rock and Roll (available for 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th): Are your children fascinated by the forces of nature? They’ll explore wild weather, earthquakes and volcanoes, investigate solar and wind energy and discover the wonder of rocks and soil. They’ll experience new and exciting science topics from Earth’s past and future, go on an adventure to find ancient petroglyphs and make their own Native American-inspired art. Core sample a cupcake, grow their own crystals, investigate weather and even create their own snow day. There is lots more in this exciting camp all about our Earth!

For 1st–4th graders who love to be in the Lab:

CSI (Cool Science Investigators): Science experiments galore!

Batty about Birds. Your youngsters will make a peacock fan, view the world like an owl, weave a nest like a weaver bird, hear how birds communicate, have a penguin race, learn some bird dances and see how it feels to have webbed feet!

Mini (3-day) camps for 1st–4th graders:

Edible Creations Mini Camp: Decked out in their very own chef’s hat, your child will use foods from the garden to prepare recipes with herbs, fruit, veggies and chocolate!

How Does Your Garden Grow? Mini Camp: They’ll discover the world of gardening through hands-on activities, exploration, fun and games.

For 5th–8th graders (ages 10–13):

Amazing Race: Arboretum: Race around the Dallas Arboretum and accept challenges along the way!

Don’t wait too long to book your spot for our weeklong camps or mini camps, as class sizes are limited. Call 214-515-6540 or click here to check out camp dates and reserve your child’s spot. Click here for information on year-round events going on in the Children’s Garden. See you soon for a summer full of adventure!