Now blooming: plants you can expect to see this summer

One of our favorite features of the Arboretum is its aesthetic diversity. Visiting the gardens is a different experience each time you come, and no matter what the season, there’s always something new to see.

Now that summertime is fully underway, some beautiful plants are popping up. Here’s what you can expect to find during your visit, with some varieties just starting to bloom in mid-July:

Lantanas are perennial flowering plants that bloom in all kinds of colors found all over the Arboretum. You also will see Celosia, Gomphrenas, Salvia, Begonias, Pentas, Evolvulus, Vincas, Euphorbias, Angelonias, Caesalpinias and Zinnias.

Though these magnificent plants seem effortlessly gorgeous, there is much thought and preparation that goes into their presence in the garden. Everything we plant for summer must be able to withstand scorching temperatures as well as unpredictable Texas storms. When we consider what to plant, we think about a plant’s nighttime heat tolerance. It may seem like mid-afternoon temps are most damaging to fragile plants, but it’s actually high evening temperatures that can cause plants to stop blooming.

We find that garden maintenance is challenging (yet rewarding) year-round. While there is more pruning and maintenance to be done in the harsh winter months, summer plants require attention and daily nursing in order to thrive.

Of all the flowers and plants we get to see and smell each day, a poll of some of our management staff revealed that we’re partial to Perennial Hibiscus, Salvia, Echinacea, Magnolia and Angel’s Trumpet. One might say we’re fond of perennials.

We invite and encourage you not to miss our summer blooms. And while all our gardens are bursting with beauty, the 6.5-acre Jonsson Color Garden has an open layout and a sweeping expanse of color that makes the perfect backdrop for photos.

Click here to learn more about visiting the Arboretum and experiencing our gardens, planted unique to each season. We’ll see you there!